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/*  zvtterm.h - Zed's Virtual Terminal
 *  Copyright (C) 1998  Michael Zucchi
 *  The zvtterm widget definitions.
 *  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *  modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License
 *  as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
 *  the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *  GNU Library General Public License for more details.
 *  You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
 *  License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *  Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
#ifndef __ZVT_TERM_H__
#define __ZVT_TERM_H__

#include <gdk/gdk.h>
#include <gdk_imlib.h>
#include <gtk/gtkadjustment.h>
#include <gtk/gtkwidget.h>
#include <zvt/vtx.h>

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#endif /* __cplusplus */

/* if one doesn't want to compile in transparency one would define this */
/* #define ZVT_NO_TRANSPARENT 1 */

#define ZVT_TERM(obj)          GTK_CHECK_CAST (obj, zvt_term_get_type (), ZvtTerm)
#define ZVT_TERM_CLASS(klass)  GTK_CHECK_CLASS_CAST (klass, zvt_term_get_type (), ZvtTermClass)
#define ZVT_IS_TERM(obj)       GTK_CHECK_TYPE (obj, zvt_term_get_type ())
  /* Capabilities

     NOTE: These are added at different stages of development always
     check their existance before using them */

/* changed to a #define for easier compile-time checking */
#define ZVT_TERM_PIXMAP_SUPPORT           0x01
/* zvt can auto-bold data, to be removed for 2.0 */
/* added to check explicity for transparency support (checks window manager can do it)
   if this is not defined, then assume that if PIXMAP_SUPPORT is defined, that transparency works */
/* zvt can scroll pixmap data, if it isn't a transparency pixmap */
/* zvt can match regular expressions and return signals when they're clicked on */
#define ZVT_TERM_MATCH_SUPPORT            0x10

typedef struct _ZvtTerm        ZvtTerm;
typedef struct _ZvtTermClass   ZvtTermClass;

struct _ZvtTerm
  GtkWidget widget;

  /* scrollback position adjustement */
  GtkAdjustment *adjustment;

  GtkShadowType shadow_type;
  GdkWindow *term_window;

  /* zvt emulator */
  struct _vtx *vx;

  /* size of characters */
  int charwidth;
  int charheight;

  /* input handler, message handler, cursor blink timeout */
  gint input_id;
  gint msg_id;
  gint timeout_id;

  /* resizing */
  gboolean set_grid_size_pending;
  guint grid_width;
  guint grid_height;

  /* internal data */
  GdkCursor *cursor_bar;      /* I beam cursor */
  GdkCursor *cursor_dot;            /* the blank cursor */
  GdkCursor *cursor_current;  /* current active cursor */
  GdkFont *font;        /* current normal font */
  GdkFont *font_bold;         /* current bold font */
  GdkGC *scroll_gc;           /* special GC used for scrolling */
  GdkGC *fore_gc, *back_gc;   /* GCs for the foreground and background colors */
  int fore_last, back_last;   /* last colour for foreground/background gc's */
  GdkColorContext *color_ctx; /* Color context in use, where we allocate our colors */
  gulong colors [18];         /* Our colors, pixel values. */
  GdkIC *ic;                  /* input context */

 /* file name of a pixmap, if NULL, none is loaded
  * and normal mode is used
  char *pixmap_filename;

  /* transparency stuff, it's left in even if we don't compile
   * transparency/background pixmaps, if we don't, it will just be ignored
    GdkPixmap *pix; /* background pixmap */
    int x,y,w,h;    /* these are used to know if the position changed
                 * and we need to get new shaded transparent pixmap
  } background;

  /* bitfield flags -- keep at end of structure */
  unsigned int cursor_on:1;         /* on/off cursor */
  unsigned int cursor_filled:1;           /* is the cursor filled? */
  unsigned int cursor_blink_state:1;  /* cursor blink state */
  unsigned int blink_enabled:1;       /* Set to on if we do blinking */
  unsigned int in_expose:1;         /* updating from within expose events */
  unsigned int scroll_on_keystroke:1;
  unsigned int scroll_on_output:1;
  unsigned int transparent:1;       /*transparent background*/
  unsigned int shaded:1;            /*transparent background with shade*/
  unsigned int swap_del_key:1;        /* swap the del and backspace keys */

struct _ZvtTermClass
  GtkWidgetClass parent_class;

  void (* child_died) (ZvtTerm *term);    
  void (* title_changed) (ZvtTerm *term, VTTITLE_TYPE type, char *newtitle);
  void (* match_clicked) (ZvtTerm *term, GdkEventButton *event, char *match, void *data);

typedef enum {
  ZVT_FONT_1BYTE=0,           /* simple, 1-byte fonts */
  ZVT_FONT_2BYTE,       /* 2-byte fonts */
  ZVT_FONT_FONTSET,           /* fontset fonts */
} zvtfont_t;

/* private data structure, stored under "_zvtprivate" */
/* Yes, this data *really*is* private to the widget! */
/* *** DO NOT USE THIS IN APPS! *** */
struct _zvtprivate
  gint scrollselect_id;
  int scrollselect_dir;       /* scrolling selection direction/step */  

  void *text_expand;          /* text expansion area */
  int text_expandlen;         /* how much space here */
  zvtfont_t fonttype;         /* type of font */
  uint32 default_char;        /* what to use for unknown characters (a box, or ?) */

  int lastselectiontype;      /* last tried type for a selection query (see request_paste()) */

  int scroll_position;        /* offset for background pixmap when scrolling */
  GdkPixmap *bold_save;       /* when drawing bold, use this to save the
                           maybe-overwritten line. */
  GdkPixmap *transpix;        /* transparency pixmap.  Must be treated
                           differently so we dont blow away the root
                           pixmap! */
  char *paste;                /* where paste overflow is stored temporarily */
  int paste_len;        /* how much left to write */
  int paste_offset;           /* how much written so far */
  int paste_id;               /* for the paste write handler */

  GdkCursor *cursor_hand;     /* hand cursor */

  unsigned short *queue_red, *queue_green, *queue_blue;

/* *** DO NOT USE THIS IN APPS! *** */
#define _ZVT_PRIVATE(term) ((struct _zvtprivate *)gtk_object_get_data (GTK_OBJECT (term), "_zvtprivate"))

/* options for fork */

/* background flag options */
#define ZVT_BACKGROUND_SHADED 0x01 /* shade background image.  This must be left as 1 for api compat! */
#define ZVT_BACKGROUND_SCROLL 0x02 /* background can scroll, exclusive option with transparency */

GtkWidget*   zvt_term_new                      (void);
GtkWidget*   zvt_term_new_with_size            (int cols, int rows);
void       zvt_term_reset                  (ZvtTerm *term, int hard);
void         zvt_term_feed                     (ZvtTerm *term,
                                    char *text, int len);
int              zvt_term_writechild             (ZvtTerm *term, char *data, int len);
int        zvt_term_forkpty                (ZvtTerm *term, int do_uwtmp_log);
int          zvt_term_closepty                 (ZvtTerm *term);
int          zvt_term_killchild                (ZvtTerm *term, int signal);
void       zvt_term_bell                   (void *zvt_term);
guint        zvt_term_get_type                 (void);
void         zvt_term_set_scrollback           (ZvtTerm *term, int lines);
char        *zvt_term_get_buffer           (ZvtTerm *term, int *len,
                                    int type,
                                    int sx, int sy,
                                    int ex, int ey);
void         zvt_term_set_font_name            (ZvtTerm *term, char *name);
void         zvt_term_set_fonts                (ZvtTerm *term,
                                    GdkFont *font,
                                    GdkFont *font_bold);
void         zvt_term_hide_pointer             (ZvtTerm *term);
void         zvt_term_show_pointer             (ZvtTerm *term);
void       zvt_term_set_bell               (ZvtTerm *term, int state);
gboolean     zvt_term_get_bell                   (ZvtTerm *term);
void         zvt_term_set_blink                (ZvtTerm *term, int state);
void         zvt_term_set_scroll_on_keystroke  (ZvtTerm *term, int state);
void         zvt_term_set_scroll_on_output     (ZvtTerm *term, int state);
void         zvt_term_set_color_scheme         (ZvtTerm *term,
                                    gushort *red,
                                    gushort *grn,
                                    gushort *blu);
void         zvt_term_set_default_color_scheme (ZvtTerm *term);
void         zvt_term_set_del_key_swap         (ZvtTerm *term, int state);
void       zvt_term_set_wordclass          (ZvtTerm *term, unsigned char *klass);

/* regular expression matching - automagically! */
int        zvt_term_match_add              (ZvtTerm *term, char *regex,
                                    uint32 highlight_mask, void *data);
void       zvt_term_match_clear            (ZvtTerm *term, char *regex);
char *           zvt_term_match_check            (ZvtTerm *term, int x, int y,
                                    void **user_data_ptr);

/* transparency stuff, it's left in even if we don't compile
 * transparency/backround pixmaps, if we don't, it will just be ignored,
 * setting pixmap_file to NULL disables the background pixmap
void       zvt_term_set_background        (ZvtTerm       *terminal,
                                     char          *pixmap_file,
                                     int        transparent,
                                     int        flags);
void         zvt_term_set_shadow_type           (ZvtTerm       *term,
                                     GtkShadowType  type);
void         zvt_term_set_size                  (ZvtTerm       *term,
                                     guint          width,
                                     guint          height);
/* returns an bitmask of the capabilities compiled into ZvtTerm */
guint32          zvt_term_get_capabilities              (ZvtTerm       *term);

#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* __cplusplus */

#endif /* __ZVT_TERM_H__ */

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